Snowed In!

After being blessed with a beautiful, sunny, 60 degree day yesterday, Mother Nature decided to dump a blizzard on New York City today. And for those who don’t know, I was raised primarily in the South and various tropical locales.

So it pretty much goes without saying that I’m not used to dealing with snow at all. 


I woke up this morning to a winter wonderland and went into the office like it was any other day. The weather wasn’t too bad and I was well prepared with snow boots, a down jacket, gloves and a hat. However, my bosses decided it was probably a good idea that I not stay at the office very long and head home.

I navigated the snowy sidewalks back home and curled up on the couch and simultaneously monitored my work email and The Weather Channel.

The snow has basically stopped now but the wind is howling away. Here’s hoping to better weather tomorrow!




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