Surviving Week One

img_7284-1It’s finally the weekend and I’m happy to say I survived my first full week living in Manhattan. I found an apartment on Monday and am looking forward to moving in in a few weeks. I’m lucky to be crashing with a friend until then.

I started my new job on Wednesday and was immediately thrown into everything. I know things will get easier in time but right now I feel like I’m struggling to keep up. With everything I’ve gone through the past couple weeks, it’s sometimes difficult to focus on my work.

After work on Wednesday, I popped into Hill Country Barbecue for a friend’s friend’s birthday party. It was fun but I definitely was surprised to find the restaurant’s country decor and music in the heart of the big city. If you ever stop in for a bite, I highly recommend the brisket and corn pudding!

Now that it’s the weekend I’m looking forward to catching up on sleep, settling in and binge-watching HGTV. I know I should get out and explore my new city but, for now at least, I’m content to just relax and get used to my new surroundings.


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